Friday, November 11, 2011

Sneak Peek: Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys Will Open Soon and Include Claw-Shaped Stockings, Fake Gaga Nails and Chocolate Skulls

We first heard back in August about Lady Gaga‘s upcoming holiday collaboration with Barneys, in which a floor at the legendary Madison Avenue store will be turned into Gaga’s Workshop. A lot more details have finally been released, and it’s going to be like a modern day rendering of The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a large dose of Gaga kitsch and drama mixed in.

Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys will officially open at 11:59pm on November 21 and will be open through January 2. A huge neon Gaga monster will grace the front doors of the store, and an entire floor will be devoted to the Workshop. The whole project was a collaborative effort between Nicola Formichetti and installation artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of Assume Vivid Astro Focus, along with Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman–and of course, Gaga herself. Even Gaga’s mom got into the act. Formichetti told WWD, “She knew Gaga’s favorite chocolates or her favorite books when she was little. We really wanted this experience to be like going through her memories, in a very surreal way. For that, I needed the help of Mrs. Germanotta.”

The workshop, which will be on the fifth floor, will house eight different stations including: a giant wig that will house fake nails and other beauty items; a Gaga-faced spider holding jewelry; a giant pop-up book for the books; and a sculptural candy shop (apparently her favorite childhood treats were malted milk balls, gumballls, and candy lipsticks.) Some of the Gaga candy offerings will include chocolate “poker face” chips and “disco stick” lollipops. (Um.)

The Gaga theme continues with the windows, which were inspired by various Gaga songs. One will feature that most festive of holiday decorations–hair–on every surface, obviously in honor of her song “Hair.”

If you can’t make it to New York, you can get in on some of the fun online on the Gaga’s Workshop microsite, which is up and running now. There’s a “12 Days of Gaga” teaser feature up now, which will highlight a new Gaga product every day until it officially opens, after which you’ll be able to buy most of the products that are featured in the store. Today’s item is a Gaga cookie (right), which sells for $15. You can also scan codes for clues and tidbits about the Workshop, and there’s a Monster picture frame in which you can post pics of yourself if you’re so inclined. Barneys is even giving away 30 trips to NYC for the opening night via a Golden Ticket contest.

The merch will range in price from stocking stuffers for $6 (like candy) to a one-off pair of Gaga shoes for $4,100. A claw-shaped stocking, fringed with hair, will go for $65. Barneys is donating 25% of all sales to Gaga’s newly-minted Born This Way Foundation, which “aims to empower youth and promote equality through programs on antibullying, self-confidence, mentoring and career development” according to WWD.

And of course the question on everyone’s mind is–will Gaga show up at Barneys at some point? To Gaga’s Little Monsters, that might be the best holiday gift ever.

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