Monday, August 15, 2011


By: The Heart of Dwight Allen O’Neal

Sometimes my heart still aches to be near you
Sometimes my soul still cries out for you
Sometimes I think that I am finally over you
But then I open my mind to still crave you sometimes.

Sometimes it is far too easy
Sometimes it is far too hard
Sometimes I burry myself in my work
But then when my mind goes idle I still feel your presence sometimes.

Sometimes I am convinced that I am fine
Sometimes I am lacking your radiant sunshine
Sometimes I still picture our sand castle that was going to touch the sky
But then I realize that I am okay without you sometimes.

Sometimes I pretend that I have moved on without you
Sometimes I run from you when I spot you
Sometimes I feel like nothing without your love
But then I accept the absence of your motivation sometimes.

Sometimes life tells me that this feeling won’t last forever
Sometimes I think that this will get better with time
Sometimes I am successful at fighting the feelings of heartache
But then I still feel abandoned and unloved sometimes.

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