Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Runs The World?

Do you like “Girls”? Well when I was first asked this question I was like… “Now chile you know I am gay,” however then I remembered my girl Beyonce’ just came out with her new tune “Who Run the World (Girls).” With Beyonce’s new song I do believe that she has made far better songs and I am not overly excited about this one; however I cannot wait for her to release her video and rumor has it that this week during “American Idol” we will finally have the chance. I do believe that this could be the truth since her song isn’t doing so hot (peaking at 33 on the charts) and “The Voice” is not helping the Idol one bit. I am hoping that this video will have me fall all over my girl again and really run the world with her instead of feeling like I am going to work when I hit the dance floor. If the song does not do as well as all is hoping, I hear that we can expect for her to hit the studio again and push back her new album (Titled “4”). If she does return to the studio I suggest she hires her father Matthew again and title the new album “Prodigal’s Daughter.”

Check out my sneak peek here...

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