Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Father Michael replies to Baby Lebron

During the month of December The Future Forward will review the year's most memorable post.

On Thursday, October 28th, Lebron James asked the world, “What Should I Do?”

Click Here: Lebron ask, "What Should I Do?"

Today, Michael Jordan gives his commentary.


LeBron James Video: Watch Eerily Prophetic Michael Jordan-'Rise' Mashup

LeBron James and the Miami Heat aren't exactly having the season that they had hoped for ever since the "Big Three" took their talents to South Beach.

Miami has a 9-8 record, and even though it's still early in the season, it won't be winning a championship with the way it's been playing lately.

To put things into perspective, the Cleveland Cavaliers were 12-5 at this point last season.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are all excellent individual athletes, but something isn't clicking in Miami.

Earlier this season, LeBron James and Nike made a commercial in which James asked "What should I do?" and it was met with mixed reviews.

Now this "mash-up" with Michael Jordan's "Maybe It's My Fault" commercial has been circulating all over the Internet, and the final line pretty much sums up many fans' feelings regarding "King James" and the way he has dealt with criticism:

"Or maybe you're just making excuses."

It is still too early to tell whether the Miami Heat will become the dynasty that it has been hyped up to be, but if it continues down the path it's on, it could be a very long season.

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