Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lebron Ask, “What Should I do?”

Lebron James New Nike Commercial Creates Buzz – “What Should I Do?” This is the question asked by former Cleveland Cavaliers and now Miami Heat player Lebron James in his recent Nike commercial.

Lebron James has been creating so much buzz among the players of the NBA. For one, his mother Gloria James has been rumored before to have an affair with fellow basketball player Delonte West. After that controversy, his famous move to leave his home team Cleveland Cavaliers despite the fact that he would be taking less money to play in Miami was next.

Lebron left Cleveland to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami Heat giving the team one of the most dynamic power trios in the basketball league history. Back then, James uttered the following words: “The attraction in Miami is being alongside Dwyane Wade and being alongside Chris Bosh. It is a new challenge for myself. The major factor was this is the best opportunity for me to win and win now and in the future. The number one thing with me is to help my teammates get better and to win.”

Perhaps the new Nike Commercial of Lebron James asking for “What Should I Do” is a reflection of the many things and controversies happening to him now. He asks his audience: “What Should I Do?”

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