Saturday, November 20, 2010

Everyone's Talking About Janelle Monae

By J9 of J9's MusicLife

Seems like everyday someone comes to me asking about Janelle Monae. . .

Have you heard of this chick named Janelle Monae?
Do you like Janelle Monae?
Do you have her album?
Have you seen her perform live before?

After replying YES to all of the above questions, I have to remind folks that I knew of her before the BET Awards, before The ArchAndroid . . .I was the one talking about Janelle Monae two years ago when her debut album Metropolis: The Chase Suite was released.  I was the one telling people they needed to listen yet people either ignored me and/or disregarded what I was saying.  Now, people are starting to recognize and come to their senses . . .can I say. . . I TOLD YOU SO!!! 

But hey, it's better late than never!  It gives me great pleasure to see people are coming around and looking past her eccentric ways to see her true talent.  She isn't just creating an image just because and acting a fool like some other artists out there.

Just recently, I was talking to a friend about Janelle Monae and mentioned she was going to be in DC.  My friend went, became an instant fan and brought her album.  That tells me my job is done!  Check out my friend minikristen's review of the concert, here.

With all these inquires about Janelle Monae, I thought it was necessary to revisit the "Don't Sleep" post I did on her a while back for those who are still sleeping and need that wake up call . . .

"Janelle's sound cannot be clearly defined as she incorporates soul, electronic, hip-hop, and indie rock into her music.  Besides her unique look and sound, Janelle brilliantly uses the art of storytelling to convey real-life messages through a futuristic fantasy world."  To read the full post, click here.

Also, check out my review of her performance at the Summer Spirit Festival.

If after all of that, you're still on the fence and unsure about Janelle, I suggest you take a look below at her latest video for the song "Coldwar".  The simplistic imagery in the video allows you to just focus on the message she conveys. . . .one of the most deepest videos I've seen in a long time!

Click on the image below to buy her latest album:

The ArchAndroid

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Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II said...

Amazing! She is beautiful too! I am a MEGA Fan!




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