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Analyze This: "Still" by Eric Roberson

Analyze This:  An in depth look at the lyrical content of a song to provide insight

By J9 of J9's MusicLife

Singer/Songwriter Eric Roberson's ability to create soulful music is just amazing.  His words and delivery have this poetic realness to it which is probably why I've gravitated to it so much.  For years now I've heard people talk about Roberson and finally saw him perform live last year.  One of the highlights that night. . . was seeing him use 5 random words given by the audience and create a brand new song in front of us. . .simply genius!

Origin: Rahway, New Jersey
Label: Blue Erro Soul (his own label)
Similar Sound: Dwele

For those familiar with that phrase used on the TV Show Intervention, I could say "Eric Roberson's music has affected me in the following ways. . ." one of which is through the song I've showcased for you below.

"Still" by Eric Roberson
For her STILL
Why me
That she
Finds me
Sees me
Needs me
Wants me

By her side

I've been fine
But tonight was tough(oh)
Heard our song (yeah)
My heart had enough
Finish my drink
Hug my friends
They all look concerned
I smiled at them
I say that I'm fine
But that is a lie
Wanna hide behind
She is on my mind
Outside is cold
And damn these cabs
I need one really bad
But they all pass
They just creep back in (yeah)
I zone out on (yeah)
Remember whens'
Cab cuts through and I hop on in
Just drive man, drive
Is all I say to him

She STILL can hurt me from so far away (STILL hurt me from so far)
STILL reaches in and
pulls my smile away (reaches in my dream)
Just when I'm fine
She STILL finds simple way (and another spot)
To show her goodbyes
In another way (oohhhh)
Oh No No No No No (mmmm)
No No No No No
I do not understand
Why I miss her STILL

I try to escape
But nothing works (oh)
We did everything together (yeah)
Everything hurts (hurts)
We pass a store (so)
Where we used to shop (bad)
Favorite park (yeah)
First restaurant (yeah)
This corner is fine
I will walk from here (yeah)
I could use the air (yeah)
She won't disappear
Truth hits me like the midnight wind
A stranger smiles
It's hard to grin
My mask is off (yeah)
Familiar streets I cross (yeah)
As if I am lost
I guess I am
I can't find my way
Even home (home)
Feels like an empty place

Missin' (STILL)
Yearnin'(oh no)
Tossin' (STILL)
Turnin' (STILL)
Fiendin' (fiendin' for her STILL)
For her STILL
Hatin' (oohh)
Askin' (How'd she find me yeah)
How'd she
Find me
I do not understand
Why I miss her STILL

Walkin' (Walkin')
I'm just (Down this lonley road)
Prayin' (I'm just prayin' for )
That she
Finds me
Sees me
Wants me

Why me
Why me (what my heart beats for)
Finds me
So So (So the memories of my summer breeze)
Low and

I don't understand
Why I miss her STILL

Want her (STILL)
Need her (STILL)
Miss her (STILL)

Oh No No No No No

Need to know

Why I can't
Let go (Why I can't let her go)
Miss her so ( Why I still miss her so)


Now that you've read the lyrics, view the video below:

J9's Analysis:  Before watching the video, I automatically thought the song was about a romantic relationship that ended and the feelings left behind to deal with.  I found myself applying this to a situation I experienced. . . just when I thought I'm fine and healing from the situation . . .BAM! all of a sudden something triggers me to think about the relationship I once had.  Usually the trigger is a song. . . go figure right?  I did a great job putting on a happy facade in public, acting like I was okay when I was really crying inside and my heart was aching.

The verse that really got me was:

She STILL can hurt me from so far away (STILL hurt me from so far)
STILL reaches in and
pulls my smile away (reaches in my dream)
Just when I'm fine
She STILL finds simple way (and another spot)
To show her goodbyes

How can someone have so much power over you?  Regardless of where they are, how can someone still make you sad and relive the pain they caused you from far away?  You do your best to forget and put a smile on your face but they always find a way to make it only temporary.

Then I saw the video and toward the end of it I was thrown off guard with a WHOLE different perspective.  It portrayed the pain and emotion one experiences when a loved one is fighting a disease and in the video's case, the disease was cancer.  This touched very close to home for me as it reminded me of what I went through witnessing my mother battle cancer and eventually losing the battle. 

This just reaffirms Roberson's level of genius . . . he's just on another level.  I give much props and respect to Eric Roberson and the directors Chris & Blaq for a brilliant concept that sheds light on such a very serious topic.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among African American women, and among women nationwide.  Through this video, I hope it will bring more awareness to this disease and encourage women to get examined.

The song is off Roberson's lastest album, MusicFanFirst.  Click on the image below to buy:

Music Fan First

To learn more about Eric Roberson, visit her website: 

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