Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zolra's Corner: Me "Roque Caston" Showing Off His Comedic Skills

Weeks ago, I got the chance to perform stand up comedy for an interactive website. I had an amazing time doing this. I loved every moment of this project. The guy who did this Dylan Allen was an amazing person. Whenever it was time to work we clicked instantly. I love him and hope I can work with him in the future.

Now I am just excited to show you guys a piece of my talent. One of the things people continue to tell me is that they have never seen a openly gay eighteen year male like I am doing everything I want to do in life. When I started knowing the direction of my career I have been kicking it into overtime. I have become that buddy on and off screen. I have friends across the country. I love writing articles, screenplays, and novels that have ensembles in them.

Whenever you read or watch something from me it's like reading my journals. I might have a female in the lead role on time, but the female would sometimes resembles me. All it takes is one crazy situation to happen in my life that I can use to create amazing work. If I am thinking about a party, I might write a party planner. But this is just brief of what I am talking about regarding my career. I am ranging my comedic skills in many different fields including writing fiction and nonfiction, acting, stand up, blogging, and social networking.

Now that I am able to share another piece of my talent, I hope you enjoy yourself and continue to support me.

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