Thursday, July 29, 2010

It Is What It Is Pt. 13 by Karen Minors

“That’s just it. He’s not a brotha,” I said. I frowned up my face and added, “And shut up. I learned a lot from those books.”
          “I’m sure you did, sweetie. But, let’s move on now. So what if he’s not a brotha; we know you like the Latinos. No problema chica,” Milan laughed.
          “Um, no. Malachi is not Latino. He’s white.”
          “Oh. Oh. Oh. Wow. And he got you thinking about calling back! Well, he must be fine then”, screamed Milan.
          “He is, but … I don’t know. The whole interracial thing. People can be so cruel, you know.”      
          “Damn, girl. Let me find out you trying Something New like Sanaa Lathan’s character in the movie. Get down with the swirl, Maiya! Do your jungle fever thing.  You’ll just be the chocolate chip all up in his vanilla ice cream! Ha-ha! No, but seriously, though. You know it wasn’t all that bad with me growing up with my German mother and mixed father.”
          “You are so ghetto! And with you, it was different because you still look like us, so nobody ever teased you like that.”
“Girl, don’t trip. You gotta do you. And you were teased about as much as me, with your mixed self.”
“Yeah, ok, I guess you’re right. Let me not keep you from your clients. Are you busy today?”
          “Nah. My next client isn’t until 10:30 am, but I have training to do with Sean to work that out. We are having a brief staff meeting before that. Seriously, all jokes aside. He could be a nice person, but you’ll never know by holding on to fantasies of Carlos. You are blocking your blessings. You say you’ve moved on, but you haven’t. Let go of what you had. Just call the man. Malcolm, Maxwell, Matthew.”

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