Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Nhojj Soars..."

Gay Artist Nhojj

Planning "Love Is Love" College Tour

A college tour is not new for Nhojj. In 2004 he toured American colleges to promote his critically acclaimed "Someday Peace Love & Freedom" CD. This time around there is no album to promote – just a deep rooted conviction that this is what he should do right now. In a society where homophobia still exists, Nhojj wants to share strength, hope, and pride with Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) youth everywhere. The message is – Love is a gift from God, and regardless of sexual orientation "Love Is Love."

When Nhojj ventured into the music business almost a decade ago it was for two reasons: 1 – He loved music; 2 – He wanted to share music. It was as simple as that.

Now chart topper Nhojj – hailed as a pioneer in music by BET and dubbed "the artist to watch this year" by – has other reasons. He wants to affirm and empower youth today, especially the gay youth. He wants to reflect the timeless spiritual teaching that some religions forget - love. "Love is the truth" – lyrics to his #1 Out & Proud CDbaby single "The Gay Warrior Song." He wants to give back to the community (proceeds from the single are being donated to SASOD, an LGBT rights organization in his native Guyana ).


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