Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dear Diary: Ordinary People by C.R. Knight

Dear Diary -

Mirrors reflect our deepest darkest secrets.  We look in them and we see our flaws.  We look deep into our own eyes asking ourselves why we do the things we do.  Decisions gone wrong.  Relationships no longer thriving.  When did we change?  You count every wrinkle, every scar and every memory that brought you to this place in time.  Its all one big stage.  You put on your make up hoping to catch someone's eye and boost your self esteem.  Not everyone was born with gorgeous eyebrows and lashes, I get it, carry on.

You are in your own head from the moment you wake up until the moment you lay your head to rest.  You are all alone until you leave your house.  Walking to join the morning commute, you try tirelessly to choose your next step and then you are reminded that you are not alone when THEY show up.  You look at them in their faces, sometimes you speak, most times you don't.  They are just like you, they just kissed their husband good bye.  They just took one last shit before jumping into the rat race.

You. You. You and you, all just the same, ordinary people.

Good Knight.

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