Tuesday, June 29, 2010


How you doin' GLO Family and Friends,

President Barak Obama proclaimed June both Black Music and Gay Pride Month and this past weekend was filled with a lot of GLOtastic events that celebrated the month of June. First, GLO TV Network started off the weekend with the kick off to the 1st Harlem Black Gay Pride in history. The intimate evening took place at Billie Black’s, located in the heart of Harlem. The night was hosted by none other than the Soulful Entertainer himself, Butterfly Soul and the house was packed. There were heartfelt speeches, spoken words, good food and great drinks, but nothing felt better than to see all the GLO on everyone’s faces and the love that we all embraced. A Special thanks to Bacardi and all the sponsors that participated for making the evening an unforgettable one. The night ended as we continued to GLO in Brooklyn as we headed over to the New York Mega Pride Party hosted by three of the most promising promoters, Ricky Day, KK, and James Saunders held at the Brooklyn Loft. We GLOed right into the wee hours of the night with all the love and support from a few of our GLO friends.

Next up was an event that is sure to go down in history, The 1st Harlem Pride Street Fair. The Street was packed as faces of all beautiful races, genders, ages, and companies dawned along 119th Street. The Saturday afternoon was filled with Pride and Joy as everyone came together in perfect harmony. The Harlem Pride Street Fair was topped off by great food, good music, gay-lebrity entertainers, Art, Health Education/prevention and tons of networking. This was one you should have not missed because it was GLOvah!! After that we were off to Manhattan to spend an evening at the New World Stages for the Out of the Box 2010 event. The room was wall to wall packed with GLOful faces as we watched creativity on film with the LGBTQ Web Series Festival. The evening was hosted by the moguls of The Future Forward, Nathan Seven Scott, Dwight O’Neal, and Cornelius Jones Jr members of the GLO TV family. The festival featured popular web series shows that are sure to have us all learning to leave the TV turned off. The event ended with a Q&A with all the talented creators and a few of the characters of the shows. We also had a guest appearance by none other than the frame extraordinaire himself, Stevie Boi.

Finally, the event of all events, the Main Event, The 40th annual Gay Pride Parade. Over 850,000 homo-friendly spectators watched as we showed are true colors through the streets of Midtown and the village. Not only were we at one of the biggest events of the weekend but GLO TV had our very 1st GLO float. Our GLObile was full of gorgeous faces and races. Our float featured performances by Hip Hop artist Bry’nt, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI9bMTWaf2s) the wonderful Foxx Jazzell, Last Offense, and R&B artist Joya Bravo. We also had special appearances by Def Poetry Jam’s Emmanuel Xavier, R&B artist Nhojj, Marck Angel, King Jabbar and our sexy Solid GLO Dancers. We really let our light shine and now I know that everyone will begin to feel the power of the GLO.

We send our GLO love and Special thanks to FACES NY, Blur Advertising, Harlem Pride, Temped to Touch, The Hot Boyz, Sonu Water and all of our partners and GLO friends for making this weekend a GLOtastic one. All Photos by Davide Laffe


Starting this Friday, GLO TV is proud to be a sponsor of At The Beach/Los Angeles Black Pride. Join us at the GLO TV Film Festival and the "Flipping The Script" Panel. On Saturday it’s the world famous Malibu Beach Party. Check out ATBLA.com for all the details. Will you GLO with US?


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