Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zolra's Corner: Me and Black Cats

Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate black cats. I'm sorry for all the black cat lovers, but I do. I am a 100% believer of the superstition. So I do believe in the one surrounding black cats. They say that if you let a black cat walk pasts you, it equals bad luck. Once I heard that, I have never let a black cat walk pasts me. Not only that, but a black cat bit me once. Ever since a couple of bad luck incidents when I was kid, I have never played with the superstition since.
I have a done alot of things that leads to bad luck. All of them have been accidents. I accidentally broken a mirror. I accidentally dropped salt. I walked under a few ladders. Childhood was not only the decade of depression. It was also the decade of accidents.

But it looks like life has ways to play with my head. Whenever I'm walking to wherever I gotta go, I always walk through this neighborhood full of amazing people. I have never people so nice than in that neighborhood. My mentor even lives around there. It feels great. However, a few blocks away is a location that I like to call "The Cat Corner." It's a corner where mostly black cats are living in. Because of that, you never know where the cats in the neighborhood. They don't just lay in that corner all day and night. They walk around the neighborhood while trying to avoid humans.

Every time I walk around there, I see a black cat underneath a car or running up ahead of me. However, they have never walked past me. I make sure of that. I don't know what to do. No matter where I go now, I always see a black cat. Looks like I have two choices.
1. Start walking in a different neighborhood so that there will be a less amount of black cats around there.
2. Blow up that corner and the black cats with it.

Lol. It's so hard to decide.


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