Thursday, July 7, 2011

Notes from Nathan: Give Yourself Credit

hat's up Future?  It's been a few weeks since I've posted.  As much as I love utilizing this interface as a sounding board to express myself and share it with the world, I've just been too darn busy.  By the grace of God, I landed a job where I can not only generate money, but I am also able to use my leadership skills and creativity.

On the train ride to work last Friday, I got into a conversation with this woman.  Articulate, attractive and touchy.  Every other sentence, she placed her hand on my forearm.  Initially, I was like "girl, you don't know me, back up!"  However, I allowed her to be herself on this short train ride.  She asked me to tell her about myself.  I was stumped because rarely does a total stranger to ask you about YOU.  Initially, I was going to paint this picture like I was just an average guy, but instead, I told her who I was.  I focused on my accomplishments during my lifetime because again, it's not very often that many of us toot our own horns, well, there are a select few and they know who they are.  At any rate, before I get long winded as many of you know I can do, it was just refreshing to hear myself talk about where I came from.  And I am proud of myself.  I get those moments where I'm like "God why me?", but then I ask, why not me.  I know I have a purpose for being here.  I just need to acknowledge it every now and then.  You should do the same for yourself.

Give yourself credit today.  Share with someone who you are.

Until next week...

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