Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Is What It Is Pt. 6 by Karen Minors

Malachi stood at six feet four inches tall, and weighed about two hundred and thirty pounds. I was good at gauging a person’s body frame because I spent a lot of time at the gym and knew how to size up a body. I could tell that he worked out regularly, because he was cut up. Body chiseled and very defined. He had creamy, French vanilla skin, and I thought that man can be the cream in my coffee!  His eyes were blue-grey and his hair brownish-blonde and wavy. He had just enough facial hair that you could see his five o’clock shadow, and he had a full, thick moustache. I had to turn away or he would catch me staring. Men always gawked at women, I thought, so it’s all good for me to do the same!
 I have never seen this man at the Arena before, and I come here all the time. I swim three days a week, and run four to five times a week. I was determined to break the generational curse of obesity and hypertension which ran rampant in my family. Thus, I committed myself to a healthy lifestyle, which included eating right and daily exercise. I always remained focused on my workout program at the Arena, but this man took my mind away for a few moments. Now all I had to do was get up the nerve to speak.

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