Monday, April 5, 2010


As spring rapidly arrives the clothes are getting thinner and the hormones are racing. I recently had the opportunity to star in a safer sex Public Service Announcement that promotes using protection during sexual acts and that places emphases on the effeminate male taking control over the situation and forces the masculine male to wrap up before continuing their sexual pleasure. The concept was developed by Darrin B. Maxwell in order to break the stereotypes that suggest that effeminate males are weaker and allow masculine personalities to force bad decisions upon them.

This PSA was apart of the OutSpoken DVD Series and is seen on VOL 3 along with Vogue Evolution of America’s Best Dance Crew. Connect to Protect- Check it out!

SAFE. (Outspoken Vol III) from j. bob alotta on Vimeo.


Cornelius Jones Jr. said...

Brilliant and Important work! Thanks for sharing.

dancolliergay said...

As one who is most relaxed and passionate as a bottom -- yes, I have effete mannerisms; yes, I have a feminine demeanor -- I am grateful indeed for this PSA. Something like this can be such a powerful force behind safer sex. Giving me -- an effeminate man -- some control is NOT putting me in the role of the top. It is better for both of us. Thanks much!




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