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La MISSION Independent Film Debuted April 9th, 2010 @ OutFest, Los Angeles, New York & Nationally Around The Country

by Big Rod
Nubian Knights

La Mission is an independent film which is produced and stars Benjamin Bratt (yep, the same homie, Detective Curtis from Law & Order folks). I'm told this has (and also judging by the trailer) a multi-layered storyline, one of which is Bratt's character having a homosexual son and dealing with that dynamic.Check your local listings in your respective city for dates and showtimes. As for NYC, the film is playing at the AMC Empire 25 and Chelsea Clearview theaters only. Click da pic and link below for much more details.

New York Locations:

AMC Empire 25

234 West 42nd Street (Near 8th Avenue)

New York, NY 10036


Showtimes Here

Clearview's Chelsea

260 West 23rd Street (Near 8th Avenue)

New York, NY 10011

(212) 777-FILM

Showtimes Here

Statement from the filmmakers, Peter and Benjamin Bratt

Dear Friends,

It is with great pride in the efforts of literally hundreds of people that we write to tell you that our film La MISSION will have its national theatrical release beginning April 9th.La MISSION pays homage to the neighborhood and people we grew up around, and captures the vibrancy, cultural pride, flavor and sound of this ever-evolving barrio. At the center of the story is Che, an old school reformed bad boy and single father who has dedicated his life to raising his 18 year-old son. Jess is a UCLA-bound honors student who is hiding a deeply-held secret from his macho father: he's gay.

La MISSION doesn't pull any punches. It takes a hard look at some of the prevailing attitudes that still thrive and do damage within our communities. But La MISSION also celebrates the humor, the sense of pride, and the passion for life that exists alongside the everyday struggles.

Opening weekend attendance is critical. The box office totals determine the life expectancy of the film, including its afterlife on DVD. If you, as we do, want to see more films that are authentically representative of our experiences and our communities, we urge you to support independent filmmaking by showing up at the theaters and buying tickets. It's the only message exhibitors understand--they only run films that will bring in large crowds.

Please check our website ( and also become a fan of La Mission on Facebook. There you will find details on what cities and theaters we are playing in, plus photos and information on the film and its crew.

Thanks for supporting independent cinema, and a heartfelt thanks from us for your support of La MISSION.

Power to the people!

Peter and Benjamin

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