Thursday, March 4, 2010

Notes from Nathan: Money Making Month!

When I told a friend that I was declaring March, money making month, she laughed in my face.  She asked why I was making such a declaration and I told her that it was what I needed to do. I find that I often say that I am going to do something, but allow the hustle and bustle of my lifestyle to keep me from my own promises.

Growing up, I was never taught what to do with money other than spending it or placing it under the mattress.  Whenever grown folks were engaged in conversation, I was given a dollar to exit the room.  "Go and get yourself some ice cream, and get out from under grown folks," my grandmother would say in her Augusta Georgia drawl.  An hour later, my tongue would be purple and green from consuming several pieces of grape and apple Now & Later candies.

As I got older, my mother started making me buy my own clothing with my $25 per week allowance.  I was given an allowance for doing chores such as washing dishes, washing clothes and taking out the garbage.  When I saved for a month and spent 90 percent of my earnings on one pair of jeans, I realized that I needed more of this green stuff if I were to fit in.

Today, I feel that money should be a subject just like English, Math and Science.  I don't believe that urban America is being taught the value of the oh mighty dollar.  When I see young adults rushing to purchase designer labels and the latest pair of sneakers, I am alarmed and curious to know what type of savings they have.  We allow money to become a sticky conversation amongst us.  So many of us want it but none of us really want to talk about it.  We dance around it.  We whisper about it.  Sometimes we brag about what we spend it on, other times we are ashamed to admit how we spent it.  And the list goes on.

This month my focus is money. Why? Because I intend to attract more of it into my life.  What's in your wallet?  Visit

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