Monday, March 22, 2010

London Comes to New York

Ego London is a social club night for people of Afro American, Afro Caribbean, Caucasian, Latino, Asian men of alternative lifestyles. Ego London understands the nature of young gay, bisexual and bi-curious men and women. With their passion for fun and a natural curiosity to meet new people, and understanding that for too long, the options for most of us have been limited to within. At Ego London events, they seek to change that.

They are currently organizing a series of fabulous nights around the globe, international trips to the most exciting and exotic places on earth. A week in Paris, New York, Atl, Miami or London could be won, the possibilities are simply endless. Imagine a sexy night out with friends to party the night or time spent at work away, and having the added chance to meet hot sexy people. Whatever your style, trend your all welcome.

Think of it as a continuing education program if you will and you'll be having a blast dancing the night away. So forget about what you see on your TV. There is a whole world of hot sexy people out there to meet have a drink with, get to know.

Ego London is committed to bringing it all to you one country and one city at a time and their next stop is NEW YORK CITY on March 30, 2010, right after A Declaration of Independence. You must come out and get your party on with them as they help Christopher Street TV celebrate the launch of their new DVD series and celebrate with The FUTURE as we close INTERNATIONAL MONTH.

This is one event you do not want to MISS!!!!

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