Monday, March 15, 2010

I am raising 30K in 30 Days

Today was an interesting day. I had a two hour session with my spiritual adviser and some of the things that he told me were unbelievable. During our session he told me that this month would stretch me beyond my comfort zone. When I asked him to continue, he went on to say that I would be coming into a large sum of money in a short period of time. Normally, I don't dwell on my conversations about money, but this time was different. Without me telling him that I had two business partners joining me in raising thirty thousand dollars, he stressed that I should, along with my long time right hand man, should really hit the ground running because this opportunity will afford me to do some of the charity work that I long to do. I sat quiet and in a state of disbelief.

After my session, I sat down to meditate as instructed. I meditated for thirty minutes holding on to my gratitude journal and focusing on the positive things that happened for me this week. It was initially difficult to focus, because it was a tough week. I unfortunately had a number of naysayers emailing and calling saying that what I was up to was impossible. I refuse to believe that. My journey has been a challenging one and I do not believe in the word 'no'. If I allowed every 'no' to keep me from moving forward, I wouldn't get anywhere. In shifting my outlook and staying positive, I have had to rid myself of certain people who were either talking about how broke they were or how impossible it was to live during this recession. What recession? It only exists because people allow it to. We are being tested to come up with alternatives to generating for ourselves. We MUST use our creativity and our minds to grow from this.

I shared parts of my session with my business partners and they too were blown away. So, I am claiming that this week, we will aggressively put our gears in motion and continue raising toward our goal.

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Reverend Q! The Master Oracle said...

WONDERFUL!! This is perfect! Where do I sign up! I want to GIVE to this effort! $30K in 30 DAYS! I love it. Where can I send my offering?




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