Monday, March 22, 2010

Behind the Beauty w/ Merrell Hollis

Have you ever just looked at the celebrity and often wondered who and the heck beat her face? Who designed or picked out that outfit for him? Or who did her weave? Well congratulations, because today is your lucky day, The FUTURE is taking you Behind the Beauty in our new segment on We ARE the MEDIA. Our first guest is the dynamic duo amazing makeup artist Merrell Hollis and the former Queen of Radio and now the amazing talk show host Wendy Williams. In this segment of Behind the Beauty Merrell tells us all about his career, opinions on other celebrities’ makeup, and then Wendy Williams joins in with a first hand testimonial experience. Let’s take a look…

Merrell Hollis was a Stylist for TV shows such as Making the Band IV, P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy, America’s Next Top Model, MTV’s TRL, Making the Band III, and of course The Wendy Williams Show.

We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors for making this amazing interview possible. Special thanks to OJON hair products, Christopher Street TV, and Omega LIFE Empire.

An additional thank you with the following individuals that assisted in creating Behind the Beauty: Kevin Hunter, Anthony Harper,the entire Stage Crew of the Wendy Williams Show and Melissa, Karen & Christine of FerenComm. Finally,Yetunde Oke of Ojon.


Amour said...

Great Interview....funny as well as inspirational. Here's to what I Love

seven said...

Great job! It's really looking fab Future TV!




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