Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zolra's Corner: The Hormal Pleasure

After pleasuring myself for the fourth time in one night, I began to pay attention to the LGBT community and their sex lives. When sexually transmitted diseases were spreading like wildfire in the last decade alone, we have to keep ourselves protective. I haven't been in a relationship since June 2009. So I haven't had sex in a while.

I am not the kind of person that goes to sex parties. I have nothing against sex parties, but I don't picture myself going to one. It's hard at times to not have sex, but I am handling it. One is food. I have a fast metabolism that is making me stay at 120 pounds. So I can eat 4 lemon cakes and still be 120 pounds.

Since I am discussing pleasure, I want to talk about sexual gay relationships. Ever since my blog Zolra's Weblog got that sex column on it, I cannot stop thinking about it. In the gay community, I can't help but notice that homosexual couples are having more sex than heterosexual couples. Every time I walk around an area that is mostly populated with gay people, one couple is either grabbing onto their mate's back sides or showing a lot of PDA.

I remember watching this lesbian couple on television. According to them, they lose weight by having lots of sex. As for men, it's pretty obvious that their having lots of sex. When two male hormones connect, you have a combustion. It's actions like this that makes me worry about future relationships. Lately, there are mostly hookups than dating. Meeting a man with commitment material appears to be harder than expected. After noticing these actions it got me thinking.

When it comes to same sex relationships, which one comes first. The relationship or the sex?

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Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

Sadly, SEX is on the brain first. Many aren't wired to think about building a relationship. We were not taught how to commit. These days it's very easy to just link up with someone without even getting to know them. Blame the internet.




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