Sunday, February 7, 2010

Real Open Talk For Life with WJC

The Future is honored to have Rev. Campbell as our spiritual contributor. His insight, wisdom and leadership are most helpful to the cluster of information that comes in and out of our lives everyday. In the past few weeks, we have received 45% more followers who joined The Future. We wanted to re-introduce the Rev. this Sunday.

This original message was posted on Sunday, October 11, 2009. Enjoy and read words from Rev. Campbell every Sunday on The Future. Also follow him on Facebook at Jeffrey Campbell.

REMIX - Real Open Talk For Life with WJC
By: Rev. W. Jeffrey Campbell, Houston, TX

Greetings Family! Welcome to Real Open Talk For Life

I am W. Jeffrey Campbell and I am so excited about this opportunity to spend the next 13 Sundays challenging and encouraging you through spiritual meditations that are being designed specifically for the Black LGBT community right here on

Like many other same-gender loving African American preachers, I spent a great deal of time struggling with my sexuality and my call to ministry. After many years of searching, praying, counseling, crying and my own personal study, I finally heard God say very clearly, “I love you and you are okay.” What a relief! But God had more plans for me. The next challenge that God placed before me was the call to minister directly to people who identify openly and privately as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgendered. This is what brings me to you on today.

We will start our journey together taking a look at the prophet Nehemiah, one of the biblical loves of my life. In Nehemiah I see a man who has a passion for the well-being of his people. He weeps at the thought of their plight, but he does not resign himself to being a just a mourner. Nehemiah stepped to the plate and began to do the work necessary to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Beyond Nehemiah we will take a look at how rejection, abuse, internalized homophobia and many other ills have caused us great pain. We will not stop at discussing pain…we will delve into how we can overcome these pains of our past and present and live a liberated life in a fulfilling relationship with the Creator.

Let this journey of hope and healing begin!


In chapter 1 of Nehemiah, the prophet is exiled in Persia, working in the king’s palace as cupbearer. He receives word that the Jewish people who have returned to Jerusalem from exile are in great turmoil and disgrace because the city’s walls are destroyed, the gates burned, the city left in ruins. Nehemiah weeps, mourns, fasts and prays for favor in the king’s presence.

In many ways our Black LGBT community lies in ruins and our people in disgrace.

Ø LGBT Christians are struggling with spirituality and sexuality
Ø HIV cases continue to rise
Ø Our people are dying in unnecessary shame from the virus
Ø Black LGBT teens are being kicked out of their homes by parents

But, the good news is that God is calling US into service to rebuild a healthy Black LGBT community!

How will you respond to the plight of our people? Are you saddened enough to weep and mourn? Are you committed enough to make a sacrifice and pray for favor with the intent to rebuild our community?

Join me today on a journey of rebuilding, one life at a time!
If you would like to contact me via e-mail, please write me at

Until next week….ROTFL with WJC…

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