Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jill Scott is sued by her longtime record company

R&B star Jill Scott has been sued by her longtime record label, which has accused her of pulling out halfway through a six-album record contract.

By: BBC News

Industry paper The Hollywood Reporter said Hidden Beach Records is seeking damages for the money it would have made from the rest of the deal.

The complaint, filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, said it was "shocked by her decision" to leave the label.

Ms Scott also stars in the HBO's original TV series The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

In 2007 the Grammy award-winning star made her cinematic debut in the film Hounddog, before starring in Why Did I Get Married? later the same year.

She went on to win the lead role in The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

'Incredibly talented'

The legal action states that Hidden Beach's founder, Steve McKeever, helped launch Ms Scott's career, but was dumped in October after more than 10 years of collaboration.

"Hidden Beach is shocked by her decision, not only because Scott has apparently chosen to leave the Hidden Beach family, but also because Scott is contractually required to deliver three more albums to Hidden Beach."

Since breaking onto the scene with the double-platinum selling Who Is Jill Scott? album in 2000, Ms Scott's studio albums have generated millions in revenue.

Hidden Beach's alleged damages remain unspecified, but under California law they could total several million dollars.

Mr McKeever said he paid Ms Scott generous advances when he was not required to, allowed her to keep merchandising revenue and paid a large sum of money to fund a concert DVD that the singer later asked not be released.

"Hidden Beach feels that Jill Scott is an incredibly talented artist," the company's lawyer, Lawrence Hinkle, said.

"No one regrets that this lawsuit had to be filed more than Hidden Beach, but its hands were tied and it had no other option."

Ms Scott was unavailable to comment.


Cornelius Jones Jr. said...

I definitely hope this ends in a more peaceful outcome. I'm a HUGE fan and supporter of Jill Scott and Hidden Beach. May peace be with both parties.

Marquise Wiley said...

This is really a good blog it sad to see Jill Scott is getting sue for something that is a big misunderstanding




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