Thursday, February 25, 2010

Notes from Nathan: I'm Scared of Money!

ecently, I was having a conversation with a childhood friend.  He asked me if I was afraid of money.  I said "no".  He asked me what I was doing to generate money for myself.  I sat puzzled and thought out loud, "well, I go to networking events, and I tell people on Facebook about my services as a life coach."  He told me to go on.  I said, "I am an entrepreneur."  His next question gave me shivers.  He probed by asking how much money I made from my 'services' over the past 60 days.  I gagged because I hadn't made nearly what I needed to make to survive.  My conclusion was that I am actually very unhappy with myself and my lack of productivity around generating income for myself.

My childhood friend read me my rights.  He then went on to educate me about what it means to be a real entrepreneur.  He told me about his home-based business and how he quit his job two and a half years ago to pursue "getting his hustle on".  Initially, I didn't want to believe anything he was telling me for the simple fact that when it comes to money, all I've ever known was that I needed to work hard for someone else to get it.  I listened, went to a few websites and joined a daily phone call that detailed how this business worked.  After toiling over this new possibility for a few days, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and begin a new journey.  I have always been a risk taker and from that I have found that people tend to follow my lead which is why he assured me that I would do well.
I literally had to convince myself that I am not scared of money.  I bought a domain name called - The Money Master.  When I purchased it, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into but my friend agreed to coach me to success.  So, now I am on a new journey and I plan to make it a lucrative business for myself.  I have big dreams and the only way I will be able to achieve them is to put myself out there and not allow the naysayers to discourage me.

In closing, I ask you reader, are YOU scared of money?  What are you willing to do to generate your own income outside of what you may or may not make punching someone else's clock?  Visit and learn more about how YOU can become your own boss!

Sevenly yours,

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Will said...

Great post. Sharing financial and business info is missing for people of color. The book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" talks about that. Thx for this very insightful information.




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