Saturday, January 30, 2010

GeoGrands #11

(Continued from Entry 8 & 10)

Glitter’s heart was racing in her chest from the sudden humongous growth of Chakra, and she was trying to figure out what was going on when she heard a voice that made the blood in her veins run icy cold. It was HER voice. The enemy of Emthira, the exiled Duchess Grandiosa, Switch!

“If you don’t tell me right now,” she began from just outside the conference room, “where the GeoSphere is, I’ll make you grow so huge Mr. Chakra that you’ll smother yourself and mush lil’ Miss GeoPhysm.”

“We…don’t…know…where it…is,” Glitter heard Chakra huff. She was deadly worried for him. The strain of all that weight on his heart must be unbearable, she thought to herself.

“You have one second,” to tell me, Switch continued, narrowing her eyes. “One….” KA-BOOM!!!

Glitter closed her eyes, startled from the sound of what sounded like a huge laser cannon going off, wondering if Switch had indeed made Chakra grow so large that he exploded!

“Leave this place at once,” she heard a familiar female voice say, “Or my next shot might not be so randomly aimed.”

Glitter opened her eyes, and to her amazement, both she and Chakra were at their natural sizes. Chakra was lying on the floor, trying to catch his breath.

“What happened?” Chakra asked Glitter.

“I don’t know. Are you okay?”

“I just need to rest. Where’s her royal nastiness?”

“Still outside,” Glitter replied. “I think Soleil and Plasma are back.”

Suddenly the power returned to the GeoDome. “Whatever happened,” Glitter continued, has put Ohm out of action, because the power is back on.”

“Are you okay, guys?” the female voice that Glitter heard earlier asked from the entrance to the conference room.

“J-9!” Glitter and Chakra exclaimed at the same time. J-9 was the unofficial ninth GeoGrand; unofficial because the team’s charter only made room for eight members, and she didn’t participate actively on missions. She instead served as support personnel for the team using her ability to invent machines and technological devices. J-9 wasn’t a genius though. Her abilities allowed her subconscious to figure out how to piece things together and perceive the potential and functional use of any machine she came in contact with. She often remarked that she had no idea how she invented her machines but she just put things together and they just seem to work out. If someone, including J-9 wanted to figure out how to replicate any of her devices, they would have to disassemble it to see how it was pieced together.

“No time for pleasantries,” J-9 replied quickly. “Where are the rest of the PolyGens? We need to activate the security protocols to chase them out of here.”

Glitter watched J-9 hurry to the conference room control console and punch in the codes that activated the GeoDome’s AI security system. “They will leave in a hurry once the security droids chase after them,” J-9 said. “Before I entered, I activated one of my Neutral Nets over the dome to neutralize all powers.”

“Oh, that explains what happened with Chakra and I regaining our natural sizes and why I haven’t been able to move my wings or generate any dust,” Glitter replied. “How do you feel now, Chakra?” Glitter asked.

“Better and better, he replied. “We should split up and make sure the PolyGens are gone.”

“Here take one of these,” J-9 said, handing Glitter and Chakra each a small laser gun. “It’s set on stun. Remember, no one has their powers, but we are outnumbered.”

“Thankfully the security droids won’t bother us,” Glitter said. “Let’s go!”

“I’m winning!” Soleil shouted over her shoulder as she skimmed over the Atlantic Ocean waters that bordered Coney Island. She and Plasma, in his cloudy-form were racing each other to the GeoDome after their shopping excursion in Manhattan.

“Not fair!” Plasma shouted back, partially materializing his flesh and bone body so he could respond. “You can almost travel at the speed of light!”

“Well, if you knew how to use your powers better, you’d figure out how to make yourself one with all of the Plasma on Earth, and just teleport to the Dome,” Soleil replied in a condescending tone.

Plasma didn’t respond, but took note again on another change he noticed with Soleil. Soleil was not an analyst. That is too say she wasn’t ditzy, but she never before displayed an ability or interest in the knowledge of how Geomen’s powers worked. As the GeoDome came into view, he suddenly became panicked.

“Soleil, wait!” Plasma shouted as he struggled to catch up to her.

“Uh, uh, you’re not tricking me!” she shouted gleefully.

“No! Something’s wrong!” Plasma explained. “What is a PolyGen ship doing next to the GeoDome?”

“Oh, no! Glitter and Chakra were alone! How did they find us?” Soleil said worriedly.

“Let’s go in to help, but be sneaky. Even with the two of us, and as powerful as we are, we’re still outnumbered.”

“Okay, she said,” in her normal quiet, submissive way. Plasma noted the quick shift in her mood again. “What should we do?”

“I’ll sneak us in by traveling through the air. Come here so I can convert you into your plasma form.”

Soleil was about to oblige, when she stopped and said, “Isn’t that your sister and Raptor flying away from the dome to the ship?”

“It is, and they look like they are in a hurry,” he replied.

“Look, there’s Switch, and the rest of ‘em,” Soleil said. “They look like they are retreating.”

“And now the ship is taking off,” Plasma said. “I hope you were right when you said they look like they were retreating. I’m worried about Chakra and Glitter. I wish we could follow them to see where their base is, but our teammates well-being is priority. Let’s go.”

After a few minutes, the two arrived at the GeoDome and were greeted by two security droids perched outside in guard mode. I know the security system is top-notch, but I find it hard to believe that the PolyGens retreated so easily, Chakra thought to himself.

As they entered the Dome, Soleil shouted, “Glitter!” and began zipping thorough the dome like a ray of light that suddenly entered the room after someone let up a window shade.

Plasma made his way toward the conference room where he saw Soleil almost near tears hugging and caressing Glitter, and J-9 and Chakra trying to comfort her. She really loves Glitter, he thought to himself. She also seems more like her natural self, which is good. “So what happened?” he asked.

After the explanation of the failed PolyGen burglary, and how J-9 had saved the day by surprising everyone with her sudden appearance and her NeturalNet, Plasma asked, “It’s great that you happened to be here when you did J-9, but why are you here?” He still wasn’t comfortable around his ex-.

“For two reasons,” J-9 replied, as she avoided looking Plasma in the eye. “The queen wants the GeoGrands to come back to Emthira permanently. I heard the teleporter was broken so I’m here to fix it.” Then she hesitated as if she were searching for the right words. “The rest of the team is missing. They were supposed to be in Emthira two days ago, and the queen can’t locate them telepathically.”

Suddenly the mood in the room shifted from one of relief to one of panic. Plasma closed his eyes and thought, When will this ever end? From one crisis to the next. The others have to be all right. “We’ll find them,” he finally said breaking the silence. “They are alive. They have to be.”

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