Thursday, November 26, 2009

Notes from Nathan: Turkey Day Shutdown

Happy Thursday Future!

I can always count on a good Thursday to give me time off from my weekly notes.  All I have to say is be sure to give thanks for everything that you have in your life.  Not only on this day, where many will celebrate with friends and family, but EVERYDAY, give thanks.  I will be spending the evening with a few old friends and a few new.  I welcome the opportunity as I feel my life shifting once again.  I was recently told by an elderly woman that it is time to replace my bad habits with new, life-transforming ones.   Strangely, I got a call from a long time friend who told me that he was buying a one way ticket south and would give me details later.  The sad thing is that I will miss him.   But, it looks like God has greater plans for me.  It dawned on me that yes, people can become habits just like things.  I am choosing to be with this and give thanks for the relationship that my friend and I have shared over the past three years.  But, it's time to move on and achieve my next goal.

In closing, STOP!  Tell someone that you love them, but before you go off saying it someone else, meet yourself in the mirror and tell yourself first.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  See you next week!

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