Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dating Dwight: Marck Angel

So I thought I would do something a little different this week along with my latest episode of “Dating Dwight.” So here it is, my date with Marck Angel was defiantly a blast and it took place in one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City (South Street Sea Port)! Please enjoy the episode and support Marck Angel his spirit is so beautiful and he is a very talented entertainer who is a man that stands by his word, not very many of those in the world. Take a look and please leave your comments. Only two more episodes left until the season finale!!! Get ready The FUTURE is always coming up with new experiences for you all!


Anonymous said...

Dwight, just ran across this series. It's great. I had the pleasure of meeting you recently in West Palm Beach, Florida at a conference. Truly enjoyed your spirit and ambition. Keep up the great work!


Blogger said...

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