Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zolra's Corner: Do Gays Love Romantic Comedies?

For me, I love romantic comedies. I think it's the best genre of movies in the world. I started writing screenplays, and the first script I wrote was a romantic comedy called Jen loves Stephen. I love to see the way how romance occurs in a comedic way. It's funny, and pays attention to the attraction towards the two characters at the same time.

Days ago, I went to see Along Came Polly, a romantic comedy I have been dieing to see for years. After watching it, tons of questions came in my head. I went out with some friends for dinner in order to keep myself entertained.

While some were talking about their relationships, I was talking about what's going on in the movies. Tons of questions were still in my head. Then it brought me up to the question. My relationships, my friend's relationships, the movies we love, the way we run our lives. This one question ended all questions.

Do gays love romantic comedies?

After that question popped up, I began searching and researching. Then I began to believe it's possible. For most of us, it's hard to find that one person that will treat you well and not move along the second they see someone that is hot and fresh. Going to the movies looks like the one way where we can find ourselves trapped in another world positively.

I have a shelf full of mostly romantic comedies. I have Straight and gay romantic comedies. I love them all. There are other genres, but romantic comedies are 98% on the shelf. As long as they keep me entertained, I will put them on my shelf. Relationships is something I take seriously. One thing romantic comedies do is teach me the good and bad parts of a relationship. One of the best romantic comedies I have seen years ago was created by Maurice Jamal called The Ski Trip.

It's pure original. It's something I have never seen before. The characters Omar and Corey resembles so much of me. In general, it's one of the best romantic comedies surrounding our community. Ever since I saw this movie, I have seen alot of gays and lesbians talking about this movie for a full year. It was like this film was this years Oscar winner for Best Picture. Then let's not forget the one movie that everyone is still talking about.

These are a few differences I see between Noah's Arc the tv series, and the movie. The tv show is considered a dramedy. It centered around the character's relationships and everyday life. Then there was the drama surrounding the issues around the gay and lesbian community. So when I went to see the movie, I considered it to be the same as the tv show. Then I when I saw it, I said to myself "This is a romantic comedy".

There were no issues surrounding the community at all (unless you include the problem surrounding Wade's side of the family). This was mostly about how the characters fixing their relationships, and it also centered around a wedding. If you been to a gay wedding like this in the movie, you will believe me by saying it's a romantic comedy. The press agrees too.

We might never know what types of movies we love. As long as the relationship between two individuals captures us, we will hooked on it no matter what the genre is.

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