Saturday, October 31, 2009

GeoGrands #7

“You’re doing just fine, Logic,” Density said in a coaching voice.
“My head feels like it’s going to burst open,” Logic replied quietly. He was using his telekinetic power to levitate himself, Buff and Elle through the air over the ocean. Density was using her own power to float through the air.
“Breathe deep and concentrate,” Elle said. She had miniaturized herself and was perched on Logic’s shoulder.
“Where are we at anyway?” Buff asked. “We need to find someplace to land soon before you drop us.”
“Not…helping…,” Logic said through clenched teeth.
Density was a little worried. As a telekinetic, with the proper time and training, Logic would have easily been able to carry massive amounts of weight with his mind that he couldn’t physically carry. He was nowhere near that level of expertise, however, and he wasn’t very strong physically. Density was still slightly impressed that he was handling his own weight and Buff’s albeit just barely. Elle had shrunk herself as small as she could to ease the burden.
“Do you think we lost the Polygens?” Elle asked.
“I hope so,” Density replied. “We dropped low enough out of airspace that hopefully their radars won’t pick us up, or if they do, they might mistake our mass size for a flock of birds.”
“I see land!” yelled Buff causing Logic to temporarily drop altitude suddenly.
“Do you have to yell?” Elle fussed. “He’s trying to concentrate.
“That’s weird,” Density said. “We’re not quite near Emthira yet, but we do need to land.”
Logic wanted to respond, but all of his concentration was focused on just keeping them aloft in the air. I’m going to drop altitude, he thought as hard as he could, hoping the others would hear his thought via his telepathy.
“I don’t know if I’m ever going to get use to hearing your voice in my head,” Elle said.
“At least that means he is getting more control over his telepathy,” Density said as she smiled and gave Logic a reassuring look.
Soon, the foursome landed on a beach of what appeared to be a tropical island. Off the shoreline were a row of thickly arranged palm trees and behind them was a huge pyramid.
“Where are we?” Logic asked wearily as he collapsed on the beach.
“I’m not sure,” Density said. “Let’s rest a minute and then we’ll go exploring. That pyramid up ahead looks as good as any place to start. How long do you think it will be before you can morph again, Elle?”
“Awhile, yet,” she replied. “My arm is still very sore, and changing shape could reopen the wound. I don’t want to risk it. I’m just relieved that morphing into another shape usually takes care of serious injuries.”
“What’s wrong, Logic?” Buff asked. “You looked like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“I don’t know. I get a strange vibe off of this island. And the pyramid, I feel drawn to it. Like I have to get there no matter what.”
“Are you rested and ready?” Density asked.
“I just have a horrible headache but I’ve been dealing with headaches all my life,” he replied.
“Alrighty, then. Let’s go see what’s up with that pyramid,” Density said.

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