Monday, October 12, 2009

Upset Monday!

Gaywood? “Gaywood” is a word that I created which molds together LGBT and Hollywood, it is a mentality that is becoming very popular in the New York City’s gay culture and spreading throughout our country like a wild fire. When having the opportunity to dish with me I want to highlight and speak about things that affect my everyday life and things that may be discussed abroad; basically venting. Here lately there has been a lot of talk that I am very “Hollywood” and at first I thought about taking this statement as an insult; however through the power of the mind we can filter things and translate them however we want and I am choosing to remove the negativity from the comment and making it a positive observation of who I am.

With the gays I do believe that many were unfortunately not the most treasured jewels in school, many were probably teased, and taunted and as an adult they have fully embraced who they are and this is why they transform and morph into ballroom legends, drag queens, commentators, party promoters, YouTube sensations, and other larger than life personalities for the LGBT community and through all this work they have created “Gaywood,” which is a fictionalized state of mind that only comes with perks that Diana Ross would frown upon ( if you are in “Gaywood” you know what I mean).

I think what I find the most funny about this “Gaywood” mentality is that many gay celebrities don’t really care about being in the limelight and they feel very normal, sometimes confidence is mistaken for “Gaywood.” Because those that I guess would be considered average make a great living, can date whoever they desire, and are very happy. HELL the Gaywood patrons who live there lives in the limelight are probably independently supporting there many crafts from purchasing garments, hair/make-up, website development, video production, spending time writing, uploading videos; which leaves no time for dating and many people they do want to date feel inadequate to there fictional superior title that has been issued to them or they are obsessed with it and are using the individuals for the little fame that they are given. Now I know that you are probably reading this and thinking about the people that enjoy this stardom that they have achieved and you may even criticize them, because there are many that have allowed there fame to boost there egos; however please know that they are no better than you or me.

What sparked this blog post was a conversation that I had with a very well known NYC promoter and we discussed how it’s hard for him to find true love with popularity and my response was “You too are a victim of Gaywood.” When being in this limelight so much responsibility is placed upon your shoulders and you don’t know where it came from, mainstream America doesn’t know who you are, half the gays are jealous of you, and all you have that makes you happy is the work that you are producing for the kidz (gays).

My experience with Gaywood is many of my peers have considered me to be fake, phony, or this “pretend” mega star, which is pure comedy to me, I wish people understood that there are very few people that I allow to get close enough to me to actually know the real me, and I am polite to everyone, so please stop the judgment. I am a normal young black man who has many dreams and aspirations and I came to New York to pursue them and find real love, both are two challenges that I don’t plan on giving up on. Yes I am probably considered a gay individual that is known because of my work and I am only human, I am not perfect and I have made many mistakes, I just hope that my work entertains, educates, and enhances our culture to greater things. All I ask is that we collectively come together as a community and uplift one another and if you are residence of this “Gaywood” mentality that you don’t forget that you are no different then any other gay to mainstream society, it’s not about the fame, it’s about the love and the development that we can offer one another. And if you have not fell victim of “Gaywood” just know that everyone that is known is only known because you continue to talk about them.

H.A.T.E.U “Having a typical emotional upset”

So Mariah Carey is acting up and I think I might want to press charges against her, can you believe that one day while I was asleep on the train she must have went in my murse and ripped several pages from my journal! WTF! I say this because her next single from what I have heard speaks from a place that is so familiar to me. Now my many friends know that I am a die hard Beyonce’ fan and I will cut you if you say anything bad about her; however Mariah has really been giving me what I need with this new tune. If you don’t believe me, here check it out live in NYC for the “Today” show.

Upset Monday Break-up quote:

Since one out of every 2 relationships ended this past weekend I thought I might throw some realization on those broken hearts… You ready???

“After 1000 words said, we still could not tell what was in each other’s heads.”


Zolra Caston said...

I never even thought of that. But now that you think about, there is starting be a Gaywood existing now. At this rate, they should start coming together to make Gaywood expand like a rocket.

Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

We are Gaywood. I am committed to seeing images of myself in mainstream media. I only think it fair that we have the same opportunities as our heterosexual counterparts. I don't believe the world sees us. But that will continue to change if I have anything to do with it.




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