Friday, October 9, 2009

House Music Download: DJ Boxx

Attention all house music lovers!!! I am certain that I am not the only Future Forward reader who is very passionate about house music. You know what I am talking about. The soulful, rhythmic genre that makes you feel blissful, sexy and liberated. It keeps your body moving on the dance floor. It brings your spirits to a youthful high.

If you love house music as much as I do, then you will enjoy this gift that I am sharing with you. I present a great 80-minute mix of sensual, soulful house music produced by one of my favorite DJs. DJ Boxx spun records at my 2008 White Party to the effect of filling the dance floor throughout his set of house classics and steppers' music.

Since my 2008 White Party, I have enjoyed the mixes that DJ Boxx has shared with me, including his most recent creation titled "House Is What I Am." I hope you enjoy the mix too. Just press play and get enraptured in 80 minutes of bliss.

  1. Real Thing - Melachyor
  2. Not Just Words = Looweer
  3. Peace (Ezels Rmx) - Marcel Schooler
  4. Who Can I Run To - Bam
  5. Kitty Kat Ft. Coffee - Jovonn
  6. Ritmo Da Rua - Brian Tappert
  7. Theorema Del Faya - Ian Friday
  8. Delicious - Jose Carretas
  9. Send For Me - Boxx
  10. Sunday Mornin - Terry Hunter
  11. Sex In Africa - Jovonn
  12. Escuchame - GU
  13. Moa - Luis Radio
  14. Mirror Dance - Afefe Iku
  15. Baby Yagas Revenge - Jay Rags
  16. Mi Rumbero - Looweer
  17. Run (Beats) - Monique Bingham
  18. Fugama Unamathe - Qness

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