Saturday, October 10, 2009

GeoGrands #5

“I should be team leader instead of Grandolyn,” grumbled Glitter to Chakra. “We both have been on this team much longer than she has. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve had nothing but failures on missions since she took over.”
Chakra sighed. Glitter’s almost daily rants about why she should be team leader and not Density had worn out his ears weeks ago.
“Not to mention that she let Buff the bum and Logic the lame on the team,” Glitter continued.
“Maria,” Chakra began, “The Princess was the Queen’s chosen. There’s nothing we can really do about it so why worry over it.”
“Nothing like nepotism,” Glitter replied shaking her head. “I still don’t understand why this doesn’t bother you.”
“As I have told you before, being leader is not my style. And honestly, I don’t think Grandolyn is doing that bad of a job considering what major hits we’ve taken lately that was beyond her control. We lost two mainstays as well as a leader from the team and they were replaced by neophytes. Not to mention that J9 is on a leave of absence and we are working from a place none of us are familiar with except the neophytes. One day Grandolyn will be queen so she will have led us eventually anyway.”
“Oh, who asked you,” Glitter stuck out her tongue at Chakra. “At least Grandolyn could have done what she promised, and admitted some more G
eoPhysms. Emthira treats us like we’re second class citizens. If more of us were in the celebrity spotlight it would give us chance to equalize things a bit and give our cause a voice.”
“Are you sure that is the only reason why you want to be leader?”
“Well,” Glitter smiled. “There is a huge benefit from being the leader; the celebrity status that comes with it, getting invited to all of the major entertainment events, modeling clothes for designers. Grandolyn gets all of that anyway since she is the princess. It would help the cause of the GeoPhysms if one of us were at that level of stardom and exposure.”
The GeoPhysms were Geomen whose powers and abilities came from physical differences in their bodies such as claws, fur, extra appendages or wings like the ones Glitter had. In the Geomen culture, the GeoPhysms were looked down upon because they could not conform to the standard of beauty the Geomen, or humans for that mattered, embodied.
“I hear you,” Chakra replied. “The way the GeoPhysms are treated as inferior is a crime.” Chakra reflected on how he himself had been guilty of believing in the GeoPhysm stereotypes or watc
hing GeoPhysms suffer discrimination while he sat idly by and did nothing.
“To me,” Glitter said, “The GeoGrands represent the best the Geomen can be. We are the face of power and prestige on Emthira but not having any GeoPhysms on the team is not a true reflection of our people.”
“But you’re a GeoPhysm,” Chakra replied.
“Yeah, but I’m the only one, and I can pass for what is considered normal. All I have are my wings and I can hide those under clothes. And the markings on my face and body are not tattoos but birthmarks. Since tattoos are accepted, at least by our generation, I can slide by. I feel guilty sometimes because I can pass,” Glitter said despondently.
“I understand a little better now,” Chakra responded and he reached over and gave Glitter a hug.
“Thanks.” she said. “Now if only all the Geomen would understand,” Glitter sighed.

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