Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tee says, "Victoria's Secrets are not just for HER!"

So women have Victoria’s Secret to look sexy in the bedroom and guys think they don’t have to go that extra mile to please their woman or man. Now I can only speak from my point of view and I personally love to wear sexy underwear for my partner. I have not always been that way, because I thought if I wore a cute outfit I was ok. That is not true regardless of someone looking at your underwear or not you should defiantly wear something cute under your clothes, that separates a true fashionista and someone who just so happens to wear cute clothes. I hate seeing a guy in a cute pair of skinny jeans and there shirt is short and then all I see is some “Family Dollar” huge boxers.

Now for me I like to wear underwear and swimwear that fits my body, now as my partner may know I have thunder thighs, baby making hips, and a huge butt. These are all parts of my body that I have learned to embrace and usually the boys love it, I just feel like it makes my shape overly feminine, well on last year I decided that I would wear my first sexy swimsuit to the beach and I learned that every cut is not appropriate for you, just like a woman and her bra, there are certain areas a guy would like contoured or enhanced. It is very important to get the appropriate garments to look sexy with your clothes on and off. I personally always wear sexy underwear if I go out, have a date, or if I am having an overnight guest. I do this because I take pride in how I look with my clothes off and I have taken a lot of time in making sure my body looks good and it is important that my underwear enhance my sexiness. Now you can shop where you want, however I tend to stay away from overly populated stores like H&M, now if there is not one in your city its cool, because there is no competition. H&M have very fashion forward garments, but everyone has their stuff. I don’t want to have company over and they just saw someone else in my same underwear a few weeks prior or the night before (whatever floats your boat). It is like shopping at Ikea, which I do, but I do it with the risk of going to several house parties and seeing my living room set at each of the apartments, people love bar
gains, but don’t cheat “you” out of sexiness.

Sizzle Miami is a hot circuit party that happens each year and this past year I had the opportunity to help one of my good friends in selecting his first sexy swimsuit and underwear, I went through the dos and don’ts of getting your first swimsuit, and now its your turn except I interviewed an underwear/swimwear expert who represents my favorite online underwear shop, check out the interview.

Thank you so much for highlighting underwear purchasing for men, so many of us do not know the first thing about shopping for our under garments and think that sexy underwear is just something for women.

1.What is the Official name of your site?


2. How important do you think having nice underwear is versus wearing a nice

Underwear is the foundation; to me it’s meant to evoke a feeling! How do I feel today? “Do I want to feel sexy, naughty, bad, thuggish etc. Women figured this out ages ago. I’m glad to see Men are becoming more in tune with their sexually.

3. What are the various types of underwear cuts and which is appropriate for whom?

I offer Bikini and Boxer Briefs in a variety of colors, and designs. In terms of who should wear what…I totally leave that up to the consumer.

4. Are the majority of your clients who actually order underwear men or their wives/

Both! Women love my line. Believe it or not it’s unisex, in the future you will see women on my site.

5. How can you size yourself for appropriate underwear?

By waist, and it’s all about fit and being comfortable! You don’t want underwear that will rise on you. At the end of the day, if you have a line after you removed your underwear…chances are they are to small!

6. If a guy is looking to enhance special areas, what are some options he can explore in choosing underwear? Is there miracle underwear available?

If a guys has great legs….I think boxer briefs are sexy! A great set of legs and butt, Bikini briefs will always win! I often tell guys to try thongs ( they fear they may be uncomfortable ). In terms of a miracle, well there are some lines that offer padded underwear, but that’s almost cheating huh? Lol

7. For most guys comfort is far more important than fashionable underwear, what cut of underwear are the most comfortable yet sexy?

Again… I leave that up to the client, what works for one may not work for another. Tye, my muse loves bikini briefs, and feels boxer briefs are a little uncomfortable. I will only wear boxer briefs, however love thongs and bikinis.

8. Where can men/women purchase your underwear?

9. If a guy ha
s questions about underwear to get, size confusion, or appropriate cuts for his body who should contact?

- Lee Greggory at

10. How can TheFuture Forward readers order from you?

- Go to


thegayte-keeper said...

Ain't nothing like a man in a pair of SEXXXY underwear...

Anonymous said...

I will be buying...I love love love underwear!!!!!

Fashion Blog Magazine said...

That is so true!!!! Love sexy undies... And there underwear are very nice!




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