Thursday, June 9, 2011

Notes from Nathan - What are you afraid of?

Often times in our adult life, many of us have created "comfort zones". It is within these zones that we feel safe away from any unnecessary discomfort and drama. We know where we live, we know where we work, we go to the same grocery store, we talk to the same people and life is pretty much the same old thing.

So I ask "what are u afraid of?" What if u went to a different grocery store for a new experience? What if u made a new friend on your morning commute to work? Does your comfort zone keep you from living a more fulfilled life? Have you thrown in the towel when it comes to new relationships? Are u scared to talk to strangers? What are you afraid of?

Don't continue to allow these online portals to make you socially handicapped. Get out there and meet new people. The only thing keeping you from a social life is YOU! Wake up!

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