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Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "JayBezz - Releasing The Inner Bitch and Evolove!"

In A.A+W with JayBezz

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness with
Cornelius Jones Jr. and The FUTURE caught up with New Out Gay singer-songwriter-musician-recording artist JayBezz.

Here's what he shared:

TF: Name 5 music influences - past and present?

JB: Wow, It's really hard to name them all!! First, I would say Janet Jackson.. She's so personal and innovative. Diana Ross, a world class diva. George Michael for courage. Jermaine Dupri for swagger.. And finally Jonté (maybe he's more future than past or present) for teaching me how to release my inner bitch!!

TF: Where are you from originally, and currently reside?

JB: I'm a military brat.. the "where are you from" is always a fun question.. but in my heart Kansas City is home, where the family is. Now I live in San Francisco, aka
the best city in the world!

TF: Describe your style of music?

JB: My style is definitely R&B, and I take both of those classifiers with substantial weight. I
love rhythm. I love to dance and cannot listen to music without movement. I also love the blues. I love telling my stories and letting people see more of who I am as a person through my art.

TF: Where would you like to be as an artist?

JB: Now that the album is done and all of these amazing things are happening, what I want more than anything is the recognition of my peers. I hope Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Janet, Lady Gaga.. all of them will listen to and appreciate what I'm doing with sound and music.

TF: Tell us about the evolution of Evolove.

JB: I realized that love has evolved in so many ways from where it was as I was young. Society has begun to understand that we can love another human being, and gender is not the qualifier for that love. Most importantly, I saw my personal evolution in love. This album is really a biography of my relationships over the years. I can hear where the love began, where the love ended, and where I was ready to love again.

TF: Name one guilty pleasure.

JB: Besides boys? HAHA! You know what, I cannot get enough of Degrassi on The N (In no small part to Adamo Ruggiero).

TF: We know that you are an out-gay artist, any words of wisdom for other aspiring out-gay artists?

JB: If any of you lacks
wisdom, should ask for it. It will be given generously and ungrudgingly. I truly believe you have to stand for something or be victim to fall for anything. I stand for my truth and that paved the way. Thanks you guys! It's been a pleasure.

The FUTURE wishes JayBezz a tremendous amount of success and blessings as he continues to Evolve in his extraordinary work.

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