Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making Resolutions for 2013

If you are going to make New Year’s resolutions for 2013, do them right. Don’t make lofty and vague pledges without any real teeth.
Setting goals is a great start, but that’s only half the battle, says Amanda Augustine, job search expert for The Ladders and host of the upcoming Job Central event Thursday at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.
Most of us tend to fall down in keeping up with our resolutions after a few weeks, but if finding a new job is on your list of goals this is the year to make it stick. When creating a job-related resolution, make sure to outline clear steps with concrete deadlines to keep you on track.

Here are three expert tips on how to make job resolutions a reality in 2013.    

Stop Holding Yourself Back
When it comes to landing our dream job, we can be our own worst enemy. Most people talk about making a change, but fail because they don’t dedicate themselves and their time to their goals.
Augustine suggests seeking out and committing to specific activities that will advance a career, create a schedule to include the activities and setting check-points for progress.  
Job seekers often hold themselves back by not adjusting their approach to finding new opportunities. Augustine says you have to “try things that are outside your comfort zone” if you want real results.  
Repeating old patterns will likely get the same tired results, so try new job-seeking activities like networking events, professional association meetings and social media to find your next opportunity.

Make a YOU Plan in 2013
You have to have a goal or clear destination for your job search. However, it’s one thing to decide on a destination, it’s entirely another to actually get there. Augustine suggests creating a roadmap on how to achieve your resolution. Consider the following when creating your roadmap:  
  • Make a list the necessary activities for getting positioned for the right opportunity
  • Identify any requirements or barriers to completing these activities
  • Create a schedule for activities
  • Set regular check points for monitoring progress (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
Take the time to schedule out the specific activities that will move you in the right direction. Remember: Your job is landing a job, so you need to treat your search process that way.  
Harness the Power of Three            
 “When you’re looking for a job, don’t rely on only one method” Augustine asserts, “Incorporate three primary methods to make sure you’re learning about all the opportunities out there.”
Here are three methods:
  1. Apply (and properly follow-up) to online job listings
  2. Network with your social and professional contacts
  3. Engage recruiters

When all is said and done, your goals are your own and your marks for personal success are up to you to define. Create a reasonable vision that’s truly your own, draw a roadmap, and don’t be afraid to share it with your friends and family! Good luck in 2013!

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