Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Celebration of our Sons through Words and Images

Saturday, July 21, 2012, 5pm - 8pm

A Celebration of our Sons through Words and Images is a group art exhibition by ten visual artists, inspired by author Kahlil Koromantee’s latest book release titled “Message to a Youngblood”, a guide book for young males of African descent, particularly those who society considers at risk. What began as an interest in the book’s illustrations by young artists eventually became a collective desire to not only showcase some of these amazing illustrations, but also invite established artists to share their own amazing images and interpretations of young males of African descent, capturing their determination, creativity, pride, originality, purpose and resilience.

Young Black males in New York City are in a state of emergency. Unjust stop & frisks by police, warehousing in inner-city schools, and very few training and job opportunities are leading to increased crime and very little hope for many inner-city young men. We are bombarded with negative images and stories of young Black men in the media, so this art exhibition, which includes work by young Black male artists, is an attempt to control our own script, and present these men in a positive light for a change”, says exhibiting photographer Ocean Morisset.

The exhibition, a Celebration of our Sons through Words and Images opens on Saturday July 21, 2012 with an artist reception from 5pm-8pm at the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Art gallery located on the 2nd floor at 163 West 125th street, east of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. The exhibition is on view through August 8th by appt. To schedule an appointment after the opening, contact the Curator, Gregory Mills at (212) 749-5298

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