Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Thought for the day: The Four Agreements""

Thought for the day:

"The Four Agreements"
by Don Miguel Ruiz

Fourth Agreement – “Always Do Your Best”
“Always do your best but keep in mind your best is never going to be the same from one moment to the next”
-Don Miguel Ruiz
This allows you to be gentle with self and release the perfection. We all want to do well but the body and mind is different from moment to moment. I sure do know mine is. As an actor I may get on stage and have a kick ass show or may have the best on-camera audition. The next performance or audition will be a little different. Now matter how different I must remember that was my best in that moment, and not try to recreate the previous moment that passed. When I get to that place, I am not living in the present and I am not fully embracing that I am enough right now.
Always do, or strive to do your best, but know that your best will feel different each time. And that’s ok because we are perfect even in moments where we feel imperfect. We are good how we are today. No need for punishment, just continue to keep practicing and doing our best.
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