Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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"The Universe will Reward you 
for taking Risks on it's behalf"

These are the words of Shakti Gawain, pioneer in the field of personal development.  Living by this mantra has been a practice of mine since deciding to leave the comfort my Broadway show "The Lion King," in 2007.  Though I have returned to the show on many occasions since my first departure, it was the courage I had in self and the promise of the universe that carried me along every step.  

Every morning I pass this house during my walks with my dog Boogie.  The house is quite unique and peculiar.  It has this cool contemporary/industrial design and bouquet of red roses outline the front door pane.  Located in the Hollywood Hills, it's an intriguing house. Leveled flat on the ground is the front half of the house.  Supported by a cast of beams, welded into the ground, which drops on a decline is the remaining half of the house.  Kinda scary when you look at it and the mind thinks how "risky" it is to live here with all the natural disasters in Los Angeles.  This house has been around for your years maybe even decades, and is still standing.  I've taken the approach of seeing the light in this situation and connecting it to my spiritual walk. As my life and some choices are, to some degree, risky, the universe is my foundation, my ground, my beam.  Constantly supporting me.  

Dale Carnegie once said, "The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare..."
I encourage you to dare with me in this journey and I am here to support you in YOUR journey.....

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