Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Film Explores Term ‘Gay For Stay’ & Risky Behavior of Black Men Post-Prison

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There’s a video that has been circulating on the web discussing black men and their behavior post-prison. Throughout the short film called Earl’s Post-Prison Playdate, the director exploits the downlow lifestyle, breaks down the unstable black family dynamics and educates viewers on the risky behaviors men learn from being in jail.

Earl’s Post-Prison Playdate was written, directed, and produced by award-winning NYC filmmaker, Rod Gailes OBC. Richard S. Carroll Jr., Pernell Walker from the Sundance-Hit, Pariah, and Iris Wilson of Broadway’s FELA star in the short.

Most of the controversy from blogs and critics overshadow the real meaning of the film. The film was created as part of an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign addressing lifestyle issues affecting our community. HIV/AIDS is a huge epidemic in our community- no matter the sexuality. Even though I felt I was watching a script full of stereotypes, I know this is real life for many people in our community (or at least some variation). The message still remains the same: go get tested!

Please check out the video below and share with your friends:

Earl's Post-Prison Playdate: Feature from OBC DreamTheatre on Vimeo.

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