Thursday, April 12, 2012

Has Your Best Friend Become Your Career?

Are you the best friend? I am not talking about the ordinary best friend. I am talking about "the" best friend.

In life, we are given this one best friend who sort of have became your brother/sister. There is no conflict. There is no arguing. Whenever you guys hang out, you're enjoying each other's company and having a good time. Life can be very difficult sometimes. Sometimes, all you need is your best friend's voice to calm you down. You can vent until your body loses 80% of it's blood and your best friend will still be there on the other line.

Of course, there comes a time when arguing and disagreements occurs between your friendship. Life is not 100% positive. But if your friendship bond is that strong, you can overcome whatever comes your way.

Once you've realized you have a tight bond you begin to realize something else. You look closely at everything you are doing in your everyday life. If more than 60% of your life is surrounding your best friend you begin to worry if your life is being truly consumed by the needs of your significant other. They will call you at 4 o'clock in the morning asking for a favor. Even though it's early to be doing anything around that time, you will get out of bed and still do it. Because that is how much of a best friend you are. Before you know it, you are getting more than a dozen phone calls from that person and 50% of them revolves around doing favors.

In life, we count on our best friends to do everything for us. They come over to your sleepovers. They come to the club together. If you are that experimental you might even invite them for a threesome. But when do you take a second and realize that you've sacrificed a large portion of your life to be there for your best friend.

When it comes to friendships, has your best friend become your career?

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