Thursday, January 26, 2012

I often times ask myself just how famous I want to be and what is the price of fame.

I cannot tell a lie, I want to be super famous. I want to live the life of a celebrity and be able to call the shots in my life and do things that only my mind can imagine.

When you want something out of life, there has to be sacrifice. No one is going to give you anything on a silver platter, or so they say.  While it may seem that some people get things handed to them, don't believe it. Everything comes with a cost.

At present, I look at my life and think about the things that I have had to give up in order to create a life that I ultimately love.  I'm clear that I could be doing other things with my money, but no, I am investing in my writing skills. I am choosing to stay late after work in order to work on my many manuscripts because I know that opting to go hang out with friends for drinks, just isn't going to get me any closer to my goal. While everyone is playing angry birds on their phones, I'm writing a new chapter for one of my books.  Sacrifice.  Those games are temporary entertainment and will only get me nowhere fast.

At the top of 2012, I declared that I would have 4 manuscripts completed by my 40th birthday.  I've shared this goal with a few people and some of them have been very unsupportive, which is why I am clear that you just can't tell everybody everything, you just have to produce the results and then watch them sit in awe.

This week, a gentleman sent me a direct tweet asking me if I would help him write his novel.  I told him that I would coach him on what to do, but he needs the full experience for himself.  He will feel much more accomplished once he starts and finishes a project that he embarked on.  Now, I have a new client and this all came from me putting my energies into writing a novel.

So, what's the price of fame?  It's whatever price tag you put on it.  Strive to be the best. Work hard to achieve your goals.  Find people who believe in you and who will help you reach the top of your very own mountain.

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