Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Thought for the Day

This week: Explore something different.
Today: Take a different route to work
Tomorrow: Try a different food item on the menu
Friday: Speak to the co-worker or person, you may not speak to. Even if it is simply saying hello, or acknowledging something pleasing about the person.
For the Weekend: Notice the small shifts you made. Be open for newness to enter your life by releasing some of the old. And finally reward yourself by taking yourself on a private weekend lunch date, movie, walk, shopping, or live event (no matter how big or small be good to you).

Listen out for the increase and blessings in your life AND be open to let it flow. Let yourself be stretched and grow. The Universe has you, The Universe Loves YOU.

Shadows & Lights
by Cornelius Jones Jr.
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