Saturday, December 10, 2011

Conversations With Your Penis

When it comes to sex, the one thing that men appears to not be incredibly vocal about is their secret conversations with their partner downstairs. I'm talking about the partner deep inside their pants. I'm talking about the one thing that they are self confident about on a daily basis. I don't need to tell you what it is. The title says it all.

For women, it's very obvious that they talk about their breasts numerous times. Whether it's talking to them in the mirror or having a conversation with their friends, a conversation regarding their breasts is always going to come up. That's why the majority of us are prepared for things like that to happen. If you're an only child, your conversations with your breasts is like talking to real life sisters.

Well what about men? Do we have those same type of conversations? Absolutely.

Even though it's not publicly displayed as it is with women, men do have independent conversations with their penis. Men, have there ever came a time in your life when you're alone in the bathroom completely nude, and you just happened to be talking to your partner downstairs? Have you ever had that short moment of cockiness with your partner?

I for one will admit that I did something related to it. I remember standing in the bathroom completely naked. The hot water from inside the tub heated me up so much, I was erect for a full half hour. Even when I was out of the tub, it was still fully excited.

"Oh really," I said while looking down at it. "Even when I'm not in the mood you can't control yourself. You can't stay up to save your own life. What do you want me to do? Take a picture and put it on my blog? Not gonna happen."

It was the first time that I visually remember having a short conversation with my penis. It was a short moment, but it was still a conversation. At that point, I began to think about the numerous men that does things like this. What do they say to it? How do they feel when they say it? Is it somewhat cocky or a form of self-confidence? If women can speak publicly about their breasts, why can't men do it as well with their partner?

What are the conversations you have with your partner below the belt?

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