Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LANGSTON'S a film by (4) colored boys needs your support... GIVE TODAY!!!

"I went down to the river,
I set down on the bank.
I tried to think but couldn't,
So I jumped in and sank."
― Langston Hughes

Whether old or young, masc or fem, prep or urban, we all share an attraction that draws us together and forces us to see the similarities in our differences...and in the club, there's no hiding from this truth.

An unparalleled collaboration between 4 noted filmmakers, LANGSTON'S is a modern portrait of gay men of color who are linked together by a tragic act.

A film by and 4 boys of color.

Together we can stop other young men of color from sinking.

Novo Film Project is dedicated to examining the questions latent in the LGBT community of color. In every project, Novo Film Project builds upon the contemporary and classic concerns and themes that remain timeless in order to introduce more "colorful" images in the cinematic landscape. In association with Off The Clock Productions, LANGSTON'S is the first feature length effort in achieving this goal.

In short, LANGSTON'S is a response to the diminishing presence of "colored folks" in mainstream film, a novel opportunity for us to tell our story and affect positive change within our community.

LANGSTON'S fuses the talents of 4 emerging, award-winning filmmakers:

Dane Harrington Joseph
Co-producer and writer of Drama Queenz, the hit comedy series about three friends and roommates dealing with life, love, and trying to make it in New York City. Now in its third season, the show has been presented at film festivals and pride events across the country, on many notable blogs and websites, and has a special partnership with BGCLive.com.

Dwight Allen O’Neal
Executive Producer/Creator/Writer of Christopher Street TV (now available through TLA Releasing) and the forthcoming spin-off series cockTALES. A notable blogger, celebrity make-up artist, and international GAYlebrity, Dwight’s work has featured in Vogue Magazine, TheFutureFoward.net, and various other hot spots across the world wide web.

Daniel Armando
Executive producer/director/writer, Boys Like You (winner “Best Male Short,” North Carolina Int’l Gay and Lesbian Film Festival) and vice president of development at Novo Film project.

James Peoples
BET/Urbanworld Screenwriting finalist and writer of the first novo film project, Where Truth Lies (Official Selection, North Carolina Int’l Gay and Lesbian Film Festival). James' work has also been featured in the NBC Shortcuts festival. James was also one of the recipients for Best Science Fiction film at the Terror Film Festival.

YOU can make this happen. Through your support, you can help give voice to emerging artists, a disenfranchised community, and the individuals within that may be sinking. By partnering with Novo Film Project and Off the Clock Productions, you will bring to life work by us, for ALL of us.

Give today.

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