Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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News from Cornelius

As I prepare to wrap up my final 7 weeks in Las Vegas with The Lion King, nerves settle in as questions of "what next?" percolate my mind. The questions appear to be rooted more in stability, which is so ironic in this life... is anyone really stable? With that said, I've been reading Russell Simmons's book Do You and Shaktai Gawain's Creative Visualization which has helped with my spiritual and creative balance so I don't really fear what's next because I have faith that what is next is already in place. Creatively I have used the time in Vegas to complete my 1st collection of poetry, Shadows & Lights. So excited that it will be released next month, allowing the universe to have her/his way.

I am back east in the new year, briefly, visiting family and friends. Next I am making my way to sunny LA: creating, networking, and growing is what's in store for the time there. That being expressed, I've visualized my future for 2012, which includes a huge gift for mom, a new book project and show, healthier living, touring and exploring a new place, and more youth outreach work. Have you visualized your 2012?

Let me not forget, Thanksgiving will be here next week, and I am thankful for the courage to share. Inviting you to take a moment to check out the details on my book and a reading/outreach project I facilitated in Vegas.

Enjoy the holiday.

“In this, Jones' first anthology of poetry, he comes to terms with and expresses great pride in his sexuality and positive-status. His minimalist writing, recalling in some ways e.e. cummings, carves out finely designed pictographs for the mind to explore. The depictions in his poems of the Momma figure are so endearing and heart-warming, I could almost smell the home cooked meal on the stove as I read the often monosyllabic lines on the page. What Jones can do with one syllable, takes many at least a dozen to get across.

-Pandora Scooter, CEO Fushicho Entertainment & Spoken Word Artist

“Jones' prose pops and percolates, possessing an immediacy and energy so electric you'd swear you were at a poetry slam. And, as with any riveting performance, you will be on the edge of your seat, captured by the rapture of Jones' "a-to-the-men" testimonies on love and lust, hurt and healing, sadness and celebration. Long before you get to the very last stanza, you will be giving this intensely moving collection--and Jones--a standing ovation.

- James Earl Hardy, author of the bestselling B-Boy Blues series

Shadows and Lights is a moving, intimate portrayal of the life of poet and playwright Cornelius Jones Jr. In this heartbreakingly beautiful book, Cornelius fashions images both brave and delicate to describe growing up black and gay in Washington D.C., the decay of the body and the rage of living with HIV. But it is the writer's honesty that lifts these words off the page. This is experiential poetry at its finest. You must listen to the music of Cornelius, Jones Jr.

-Paula Brancato, CEO, The Writers Place -- Professor, University of Southern California

"What is next is already in place"

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