Monday, October 31, 2011

Likwuid | Likwuidation Reprise

Halloween is the time to address your biggest fears and play with them. On today the sensational rap phenomenon Likwuid released her brand new video for her song “Likwuidation Reprise” which explores here being tortured and beaten by a cult who is attempting to brain wash her and her talents… The video is taking you through the story in reverse order and allows the audience to see the torture process. My production company Off The Clock Productions was on hand providing the Make-up and Styling for the project. This video is definitely right on time to offer you an entertaining Halloween experience and it is one of the hottest videos you will ever see.

LiKWUiD (Stylez) is the stage name of American musician Faybeo’n LaShanna A. Mickens who was born in Columbia, SC and developed into an independent hip hop standout performing artist and freestyler in New York, NY. In 2011, Mickens released the “No Regrets EP” (Sano Business) produced by Italy’s Bassi Maestro, after releasing 3 independent projects Likwuidation: The 5th Element (2003), Southern Belle (2006), and Gummy Bears & Champagne (2010), respectively. The “No Regrets EP” has been described by Rap Reviews as a project that “pulls the listener in from the beginning and never lets go, making for a surprisingly deep release chock full of intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics that deal with everything from putting whack rappers in their place to empowering women in hip-hop and in other facets of life.”

Behind the Scenes of Likwuidation Reprise

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