Monday, October 17, 2011

Leave Beyonce's Baby Bump Alone

Beyonce has been accused of faking her pregnancy by wearing a padded baby bump. The pregnant singer appeared on Channel Seven's Sunday Oct. 9, and revealed to Molly Meldrum that she is due in February. As the interview begin she may have revealed even more than she thought -- a series of screengrabs show her stomach apparently folding in on itself!

It appears that her stomach was shrinking in side and folding over as she sat down.
This isn't the first time she has been accused of wearing a fake baby bump. According to some websites, she padded her stomach at the MTV VMAs to make her bump look bigger. And she has also been accused of hiring a surrogate to carry her baby. Below check out my mini monlogue entitled "Leave Beyonce's Baby Bump Alone." Regardless of whether she is pregnant or not its nothing wrong with having a good laugh; although I am positive she will be having a new born this coming February that she will actually push out (Sorry So Graphic).

Check out what Wendy had to say...

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