Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is The Person You Hate Actually The Person You Like?

It's quite an unusual realization. You might think at first glance that this doesn't happen in real life. Then once you pay close attention you realize that this unusual part of life that actually happens.

Do you remember that person you couldn't stand in the beginning. I'm talking about that person that did his/her best to get under your skin. Even if you are a calm person, there is just something about that person that rubs you the wrong way.

In the beginning, there is a incredibly rough pack between you two. There are words being exchanged and possibly fists. The second that person walks in the room, you are getting this terrible sensation in my stomach. Everyone met someone like that whether they like it or not. Then as the months or possibly years go by, you begin to develop these feelings you never had towards this person. You are looking at this person in a different way. Suddenly, you realize that you actually like this person. The crazy part is that the other person feels the same way.

It's quite an unusual thing, but this happens in everyday life.

Back in high school, I remember this one boy that I couldn't stand to be around. His way of playing around with me was rubbing me the wrong way. I couldn't stand looking at him. I am a calm person, but I would always explode in front of him. This man is still to this day the only person that I have ever cussed that much in front of a person. The other person is my mother.

Once graduation was over and I finally met him again at a rock concert, I couldn't help but to develop these unusual feelings I had towards this person. I instantly knew what it was, but I couldn't believe it was towards one of the people that made my life a living hell. I happened to have a crush on this man, which really frightened me.

After that confession, I began to think about life. If that the people that we despise the most are actually the people that are going to be a part of our lives for quite a long time? I know that your best friend and everything is part of the picture, but what about the ones that came into your life unexpectedly?

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